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About our translation services

Specialized Translations

We have subject specialized translators to ensure and guarantee you will always have the best results. In our network of translators we have professionals who are specialized in busines,sales, marketing, sports.

Express Translation

Translation services with the option of urgent or express delivery. In the case of urgent translations, you will receive the quote the same day and the translation the following day depending on the document.

Website Translation Services

A website will give you an overall idea about what a company is all about. A good website is not just about design, it’s also crucial to convey the right information using accurate language.

Proofreading Services

We provide wide-ranging proofreading and editing services helping you put your ideas across clearly and effectively using perfect language before you submit or publish your papers.

Translation Fees

As soon as we learn details about the translation requested the client will receive a quote and a delivery time. We adjust our rates according to the difficulty, length, format and delivery deadlines.


Our network of translators are certified and highly qualified. They have several years of experience and have undergone tough scrutiny to be accepted into our network.


International business

We at Translind understand that having a clear global strategy is key when venturing into new markets. Not only do we have offices in various locations, but our network of project managers, linguists such as translators, interpreters and language instructors come from various locations across the globe. We also have extensive links with organizations, companies and individuals all around the world. Our global expertise and detailed local knowledge ensures that you can receive the best advice and help to meet any challenges you might face in foreign territories.


What customers say about our Service

Translind Language Services provide the highest quality of authorised translation service with seamless and swift communication on the spot. We recommend them to any entity who requires premium service which excels beyond market standards.

Prashant Sharma, Head of Sales Oslo International Hub
Prashant Sharma, Head of Sales Oslo International Hub

Translind is a company that we can trust! We are very satisfied with the translation and localization of the technical translations we needed. The fact that they are so easy to communicate with ensured a successful end-product

Kjetil Tvedt Head of Norsk Renseri- og Vaskeforening (NRV)
Kjetil Tvedt Head of Norsk Renseri- og Vaskeforening (NRV)


Sanskrit, meaning ‘perfected’ or ‘refined’, is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, of of all attested human languages.

According to scientific research, human beings have been wandering the earth since almost 200, 000 years.

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According to the Oxford English Dictionary an accent is ‘a distinctive way of pronouncing a language, especially one associated with a particular country, area, or social class.’ Accents have always intrigued me.

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Language Acqusition

Learning a new language can always be a challenging experience. One is faced with several words, phrases, expressions etc. that at first seem completely alien and extremely odd. There is the pressure of being able to adopt the correct pronunciation.

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Languages never really die, they simply evolve into other languages. Look around you.

What is the definition of language, it’s the method of human communication, either spoken or written.

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